I lay next to you, eyes locked with yours, as I catch my breath from the pounding you have just given me. You are tracing a finger over the contours of my lips as I lick and suck your finger playfully. Slowly, you lay back as I urge you to give up control. My hands wander over your body, starting at your shoulders and gliding down to your glistening cock, wet with my cum. I start to suck the cum off of your dick, begging you to give me more. I beg you to thrust your cock back into my pussy and give it to me exactly as I ask.

I climb back on top of you, my pussy still dripping wet from our local hook up. I tease the head of your shaft with my pussy as I slide it in just enough to drive you wild with desire. You are growling and thrusting, in a frenzy to get that cock of your back deep into me. But not just yet, I still want to play.

I roll my hips around, taunting your cock. Just stick it in, I say. But when you try to, I pull away, laughing. Not so fast…hehe…

But this time you are taking control. You grab me and flip me over on my back, thrusting your cock inside me like a lightening bolt. I can only take it, drawing deep breaths between each thrust, moaning with pleasure as you have your way with me. I am yours now, do with me as you wish.

You fucked me harder and harder until you came all over my pussy, pulling out at just the last minute. I rubbed the juicy cum into my pussy, not wanting any of it to escape. I love cum and will do anything to get it from you.